Why do you not serve private customers?

Our logistic organization simply and the price level we offer does not allow the complexity of managing small orders.

Why do you have different stores? I would like to see all you offers in one store!

We cannot sell every tile we offer into every region and the standard online shop we use does not allow to allocation of certain tiles to certain customer groups. If you know a better shopware which would enable this – thanks for sharing…

Why do I have to get in contact to get access to the store?

We sell our tiles exclusively to commercial customers. Before you get access we need to make sure that you are not a private customer and that you are a potential customer.

Do you deliver to my place in … ?

We deliver worldwide in accordance with German, EU and international export regulations

Do you deliver the tiles into my country?

Depends – ask our staff…

Can I get your program in my country exclusively?

That is possible – and depends on the quantities you are willing to order. Maybe a joint venture with us is an option for you.